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New Chapter: Skydeep 5

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm a day late - I know, I'm sorry. RL is a bit overwhelming at the moment and I apologize to everyone who's still waiting for an email or a reply from me. I ♥ you all, promise.

Here comes the next chapter of 'Skydeep' and with it - finally - SOME SMUT! *cough* I mean... it's not like you've all been waiting for it or anything... really..,

Worth over 7.000 words and I would rate it NC-17 twice just to make sure ^^
Still Fraser/RayK - duh, what else? You've known me long enough, right?

Here goes:
[On LJ]
[On AO3]
[On WP] 

(crossposted and all that)
Tags: fic: fraser/rayk
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