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due South Slash

I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father....

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Welcome to due South Slash, a due South and 6 degrees slash community!

Anything and everything is welcome here so long as it’s slash in nature and concerns due South, the characters, and/or the actors (including their other roles): announcements, banners, caps, discussion, fan fic (including RPS), fic searches, icons, manips, news, recs, vids, wallpapers, etc.


1. All fan fic and fan art must be behind a cut (the only exception is two or three teaser icons).

2. Include the following information (if applicable) in the subject line to make it easier for us to Memory the posts: format (fanfic, icons, etc), title, pairing and rating.


Fic: The Mountie and the Yank F/K NC17
Icons: Various
Wallpaper: You pay and you pay.... Fraser & Dief PG

3. Use a header that includes at least the following:


4. RPS is allowed.

5. No flaming will be allowed. If something’s not your cup of bark tea, skip it.

To make things more interesting, we plan on holding various challenges throughout the year, such as opening line challenges, caption challenges, icon challenges, drabble trees.... If you have any suggestions, please contact one of the mods.

Thank you very kindly for playing with us. *g*

Your mods are audrarose, msgordo, sori1773 and spikedluv.


batpack, bountyhunterfic, ckr_actorfic and slashfanficrecs.

For a list of other due South communities on LJ, check out A Guide to due South on LiveJournal.